[True story] After 3 Months … Tifiz found a stolen Box

FIDS67 (Fund for Compensation against damage of the Boars) has decided to equip its electrification fences boxes with the TiFiz product to protect them against thieves.

« We use tracking solution since more than 20 years and have tested a couples of products based on GSM. We wanted to test new product based on Low Power Network like SIGFOX. We loved the concept of this Tifiz product,  really easy to install, flexible with the subscription plan and with a user friendly interface. … On top of that, it is one of the cheaper on the market !

The way it works fully complies with our need”

   says Pascal PERROTEY – DORIDANT, the FIDS Director

On May 23 the Voellerdingen box is stolen and disappeared from the landscape in a building out of GPS coverage.

Thanks to its autonomy, Tifiz put itself on standby mode,  … waiting for better days.

80 days later the point reappeared … our thief thinking he was now out of danger !

FIDS was able to call the Police and recover its equipment.

Another happy end story, highlighting all the efficiency  of this new low power technology with a tracker that lasts long, long … long!