Indoor tracking solution

The TiHub is a small tool that can locate all objects equipped with TiBe technology without using the smartphone.

By equipping your interior with this object, all TiBe, TiBe connect and TiTags will be automatically located and sent back to the TICATAG platform.




Plug and Play

The TiHub has been developed with the aim of meeting a specific need: to have an indoor response rate close to 100%. Thus the TiHub will remount your information directly to your Ticatag account to have an accurate tracking of your connected objects in Bluetooth and this as soon as it connects to the network.

The TiHub has no limit on connected objects, so you can pick up as many connected objects as you want.



Accurate tracking

Thanks to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy technology, we manage to have a very precise follow-up and with an excellent response rate. The TiHub can be used with all products equipped with TiFiz Bluetooth (V1, Xpress, XtrakR), all TiBe or TiBe connect products as well as TiTags.

Recommended use

Our solution was created with the aim of geolocating, following and securely securing indoor goods. By associating the TiHub with the TiTags, the solution will put all the information to the accounts related to the scanned objects. This solution is used in particular for geolocation and tracking of movements in warehouses, stores and warehouses.


Connection mode

Power the enclosure to a 230V outlet via the cord provided with the TiHub.

Connect the TiHub to your network via WiFi or Ethernet.



This solution does not require an additional subscription.