TiFiz XtrakR – Ultra low power GPS waterproof and rechargeable beacon


XtrakR is an ultra-low power connected GPS beacon that is very easy to use. It has many options of outdoor connectivity (GPS) & indoor (Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi). The beacon is waterproof and rechargeable by a micro-USB cable (supplied).



An even more complete tool

In addition to having all the features available on the TiFiz Xpress, the TiFiz XtrakR can be used in all environments. Whether you enjoy water sports or hiking it will work in any conditions thanks to its tightness.


A multifunctional tool

Whether you want to trace your personal vehicle in case of a flight thanks to the geolocation or to have extra security for people isolated at sea thanks to the SOS button, the TiFiz XtrakR will be useful in all situations.

Recommended use

The TiFiz XtrakR beacon was created to geotag, track and secure isolated goods or people. In addition, this tag can serve as a backup button. A simple press of the central button instantly sends an SMS with a geolocation link to the person of my choice.


Fonctions applicatives

• Website with a secure interface with access via a personal account

• Mobile application (iOS and Android)

• Position History • Alert when leaving the zone (“geofencing”)

• Geolocation profiles on demand (from 2 to 4095 minutes)




The beacon uses a new specialized network for connected objects (SIGFOX ™) that does not use a SIM card. It requires a subscription available from 4.20 € TTC / month. The tag also works with Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi to always keep track.


Legal documents

CE Certificate

Quick Starter Guide