TiFiz Xtrak – Ultra low power professional GPS beacon


XtraK is a robust and waterproof GPS beacon: it is particularly recommended for monitoring equipment requiring significant autonomy and many updates. It is equipped with an ambient temperature sensor incorporating a configurable threshold alert. It also has a button to send an alert, launch an action or provide a GPS position in real time.



Why choose TiFiz Xtrak ?

In 2015, Ticatag launched its first consumer ultra low-power GPS tag: the TiFiz V1. Thanks to this first beacon we were able to identify what a professional needed: a GPS beacon requiring little or no maintenance. In 2018, the TiFiz Xtrak comes out correcting this problem and improving its efficiency. Thanks to its new design this beacon can last up to 3 years without any human intervention. In addition, thanks to its smaller dimensions and the fact that it does not require any connection, the TiFiz Xtrak can be placed in the corners of the most difficult to access.


An all terrain tool

Thanks to its robustness, tightness and integrated magnets the TiFiz Xtrak is able to adapt to the most hostile professional environments.

Recommended use

TiFiz Xtrak was created to meet the needs of professionals. The beacon is ultra-autonomous, you will need to take care of it once every 3 years depending on the mode of use.


Applications functions

• Website with a secure interface with access via a personal account

• Mobile application (iOS and Android)

• Position History • Alert when leaving the zone (“geofencing”)

• Geolocation profiles on demand (from 2 to 4095 minutes)



The beacon uses a new specialized network for connected objects (SIGFOX ™) that does not use a SIM card. It requires a subscription available from € 3.50 / month.


Downloadable documents

CE Certificate

Quick Starter Guide