A smart keyfob to find your stuff !

To manage your smart home devices

… or to share your position to your friends and family.

Bip … Bip …

  Looking for your keys ?

Its loud ringing will tell you were they are.

 You will not loose time anymore.

 Last kown position


Looking for your bag with your PC inside ?


Don’t worry !


Your TiBe App displays the last position of your bag on a map.


TiBe Community


Ask to any TiBe owner some help to find your lost item

… Just declare your TiBe as lost through the mobile App.

TiBe Connect, it’s also a CONNECTED Button

With it’s  SPOTIFY feature you will be able to,

Manage your Playlist

…. and even more,

Add automatically a new song in your list !

You are now looking for your  SMARTPHONE  ?

No problem,

Just one clic, and your smartphone will RING !

 Love making Selfies ?



Press the TiBe button as a remote control to take a picture …

Your selfies will be easier to take,  and much more natural  !


IFTTT is a platform enabling interaction between smart objets  ….

You will be able to build your own scenarios … it’s just Magic !

More info on ifttt.com