CES 2016 – Back from Las Vegas

Ticatag was back to Paris with a lot of great American Souvenirs


The best Ticatag’s selfie with Emmanuel Macron (Minister of Finance)

& Corinne Erhel (Member of the French National Assembly – Côtes d’Armor)

8th Jan 2016

The Ticatag’s Beacon solutions have received an amazing success on stage.

We definitively saw that visitors have been much more aware by Beacon technology than the last year CES show.

Ticatag made more than 500 demos over the show and share more than half a thousand business cards !

The three stars :

  • TiFiz : 1st GPS tracker SIGFOX™ Ready

  • Ti’Be 3 : a new TiBe device designed with a smart button for much more customized services

  • TiBeaconHD : a new high accuracy Beacon

We received a very large number of requests and strive to meet all of them shortly.

Don’t hesitate to send us your specific requirements, please address to

See you very soon !

Ticatag team

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